Replacing Your Air Conditioner – When Is It Time To Say Goodbye?

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The warm summer months are upon us, and it’s time to start thinking about the air conditioning system in your home. Is your air conditioner in good enough shape to get you through the summer comfortably? How can you tell if it’s not? Is it better to simply repair your current system or replace it altogether?

Is It Time To Say Goodbye?

Probably the most obvious evidence that it’ time to replace your HVAC system is irregularity in temperature and lack of temperature control. If you’re uncomfortable, something needs to be done. Many factors could cause irregularities such as one or more rooms being extremely cool while others get no cool air, including problems with ducts and air flow, but it may be caused by an aging or malfunctioning air conditioning system. If your system is outdated or malfunctioning, the solution calls for more than just air conditioning repair: it’s probably time for a new HVAC unit. You must note that generally, air conditioning systems are not made to last more than ten years; beyond that point, you are better off replacing the system than attempting to repair it.

Older air conditioners also tend to be inefficient when compared to newer models. SEER ratings are an industry wide standard measuring HVAC efficiency, and new models are required to have a SEER rating of at least 13. If you have an older model with a low SEER rating (below 13), replacing your system will help you save money simply from an efficiency standpoint; you won’t have to run your air conditioning as long or as high as you currently do.

Another indicator of the need for a new A/C unit is constant problems and repairs. The more your system breaks down, the more expensive the repairs get; you will save yourself time, money, and hassle by replacing the air conditioning system early on in the process. When you see a recurring pattern of problems and repairs, it’s time to consider replacing your air conditioning; the repairs will only get more frequent and more expensive.

Not all HVAC companies and air conditioning installers are created equal. With ten years of experience, CTR is a leading air conditioning company in Utah. You can trust us to accurately assess your current air conditioning system and to help you choose and install a new one, if necessary.


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  • Kathy K.

    “Today my outside air conditioning unit went out while inside it was blowing hot air. The heat in the house got up to 85 degrees in the evening, what would it be in the middle of a hot summer day. Kris Keller was here within the hour and had it fixed in no time at all. It’s only been an hour since he left but it’s already down to 78 degrees in here. I’m loving the feel of the cool air. THANK YOU!”

  • Ray W.

    This is a company you can count on! Purchased my heater several months ago last night at 10:50pm we realized it was not working. I called them expecting to leave a message that our furnace was not working to my surprise the phone was answered by a person who was very helpful in getting my information and scheduling someone to come the next day and on top of that they showed up early and got us up and running, our service guy (Chris) was very informative on what caused our issue; by the way it was human error nothing was wrong with the operation of our furnace. We found this company at the home show last year, they have gained our respect and loyalty for years to come.

  • Kevin L.

    We called ctr after a friend recommended them. our ac compressor had bit the dust in St George. Kris the owner came down in just 2 days and had us a new upgraded unit and saved us 200 over others we called. they were very professional and left our house clean :). thanks for the great job and the quick response!

  • Sherrie A.

    CTR recently installed a new furnace for me. There were very professional and did a great job! That’s my review.

  • Fred B.

    My recent experience with CTR was great! My AC was down and out for days. CTR replaced the Heater/AC problem in only 5 hours. Well appreciated.

  • M. S.

    I purchased a home where the central AC unit wasn’t even connected to the house. Called various HVAC companies in the middle of summer; many could not make it for a couple of days, others quoted a fee just to come to my home to look at the unit. I contacted CTR, and not only they were there the same day, they did not charge a trip fee.

    Kris and his crew connected the central air conditioner to my home, charged it and even stayed late into the evening to ensure the my AC was working as it should.

    I was very impressed with their quick response time and willingness to go above and beyond! I have recommended CTR Heating and Air to others and will continue to do so.

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